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About Us.


We’re an Australian Marketing Collective, united with one simple Mission: to build standout brands for standout people.


We build brands with sophisticated simplicity, aligning our clients’ ultimate brand vision with their customer-facing touch points, so they can go out and do the their thing with clarity, confidence and conviction.

We help evolving businesses grow and transform their image in the online space. Using the art, science and strategy of modern marketing, we grow and transform market-leading brands.



Behind the brand.


Hi! I’m Carmen.

I started Wildbrand to give small business owners the tools and support they really need to make it in the online world. I’ve spent the last decade working in agencies and have seen the good and the bad side of marketing for brands big and small.

The days of spammy, in-your-face marketing are (finally) over, and there’s a better way to build a sustainable brand. All the information is out there to make a good go of it.

The problem is, the sheer volume of ‘Gurus’, ‘success formulas’ and ‘secrets’ being sold to business owners online is stifling. I don’t blame you if you’re not sure what works anymore. The lines have gotten a little blurry… but we’re here to change that.

With all the marketing strategies available to you today (trust me, there’s plenty!), I still believe the best marketing you can do is be kind and work hard.

To your (online) success,



Our vibe.



Despite our agency roots, we don’t have agency egos. We tell it like it is and we’ll tell you when we think you’re investing energy into something that won’t work.



We know that your success is also ours, which is why we obsess over the details and and treat every brand as though it’s our own.



Every project is designed, managed and executed by our hand-selected, all-Aussie team who have oodles of talent and real-world experience in their craft.



Our people

At Wildbrand, we believe in supporting local Creatives.

That’s why we partner with top-quality talent from around Australia to deliver an exceptional level of creativity, insight and strategy for brands big and small.


Emilie Otto 

Graphic Designer 

I’m a creator, crafter, painter, traveler & proud fur mum.  


Nicole Watts 

Brand Manager 

I’m a digital nomad,
explorer, fashion lover, blogger & beauty nut. 


Rachel Unwin-Hatton

Graphic Designer

I’m a die-hard creative, artist, foodie, adventurer & plant lover.


Jessica Nguyen

Content Creator

I’m a story teller and believer in the power of digital media content.


Ella Seymour

Graphic Designer

I have a passion for three things: strong, meaningful design, coffee, and birds!


Han Bates

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I’m travelling through Australia in a van that doubles as my office on wheels. 


Deanna Varkanis


I’m a true Piscean, a creative (old) soul with a love of lattes and the written word.


Sarah Avramidis

Copywriter & Content Creator

I'm a creative soul who loves helping brands shine with personalised content & copy.



What we believe.



Brands should use their influence for common good.


If anyone's going to change the world, it's small businesses.


No amount of marketing can fix a bad product or service.


Collaborating is smarter (and way more fun) than competing.


The ultimate freedom is living and working on your own terms.


Authenticity is the most powerful marketing tool there is.



Our Work

The brands we build are as unique as the people we build them for, and no two brands are ever the same. If you’re interested to learn more about what we do, check out our Portfolio.


Let’s be friends: @wearewildbrand