What's Your Brand Story?

Anyone who knows me knows that I bang on a lot about brand stories.  

It’s a crucial step in branding that is often overlooked, but when a brand story is authentic and genuine, it inspires trust and can create an emotional bond between your business and your customers.

‘What even is a brand story’, I hear you ask?

Well, a Brand Story is basically the reason ‘why’ you exist, and the ‘artefacts’ of your life that support this sentiment. Take my brand crush of the week, Beboe, for example. Beboe is a US company dedicated to delivering the “finest cannabis treats made with the utmost care and respect for nature’s imperceptible subtleties”. Put simply, they’ve created some beautiful cannabis-related products for the ‘sophisticated’ consumer. They’ve even been dubbed the ‘Hermes of Marijuana’ by the NY Times - so they’re doing something right.

Now, before you go raising your eyebrow through your screen at me, let me point out that my brand favouritism for Beboe has nothing to do with my feelings towards cannabis. It’s to do with how well-thought out and well-communicated their brand is.

Back to the Brand Story - read on. Beboe’s brand story is made abundantly clear on their About page, written by Co-Founder Scott Campbell.

“My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was very young and my grandmother visited frequently to help care for her. She cleaned up the house and cooked for us.

One thing she made each trip were brownies. She made one tray for us kids, and one tray for Mom, but Mom’s brownies were strictly off limits...kept under lock and key in a closet. Of course we would go through our rations in 24 hours, turning our sights on mom’s reserve. We were reminded each time that mom was really sick, deserved to have her own brownies, and backed off.

We found out years later that mom’s brownies were made with marijuana. They would help the nausea brought on by the sickness and brought back her appetite. I laugh every time I imagine that little 85 year old woman wandering around our local grocer, trying to find someone who could help her buy a bag of weed.

In appreciation of all she did to bring warmth and love into our house, we started Beboe to offer the sophisticated cannabis consumer an experience unlike any other on the market.”

Touching stuff, right?

Now, why do I like this so much? Because it VERY clearly tells you straight away ‘WHY’ the owner started the business. It explains that he has a personal motivation for delivering the product (the product he views as a medicine) to people and that his genuine interest in this space started many moons ago, before he was even old enough to understand what was percolating at such a young age.

It’s this type of consistency that makes for a really strong brand (IMO it’s why the #Girlboss movement has been so prolific). It’s proof to your customers that you know what you’re doing, and you really care about what you’re offering them. It’s the thing that sets you apart from your competitors and builds trust because you can speak with true authenticity about your journey and how you wound up selling your wares to other people.

We resonate with Scott’s journey because he’s shared a personal story with us. We like his products because they’re so bloody gorgeous, and his website is also a very consistent extension of his brand. We’ve reached understanding in a very short space of time because the brand just makes sense. These ingredients lend itself to customer advocacy - a potent, powerful sentiment that brands often pay big bucks to achieve. I’ve told countless people about this brand, because I can resonate with it. I’ve never purchased their products or even seen them in real life, and here I am banging on about their brand story yet again, on my own website.

Every brand has a story, and you should be sharing that with others. How did you come to the point of starting your business in the space you did? What inspired and motivated you to do so? DON’T KEEP THIS A SECRET! It’s the gold that helps sell your products. Your customers should know about it.


We run Brand Discovery Workshops for all clients with the sole purpose of uncovering their unique Brand Story. Oftentimes, business owners haven’t consciously thought about why they’re doing what they’re doing - it just seemed natural to them at the time. When we uncover an underlying brand story, you literally witness someone have their ‘Aha!’ Moment… As if to say, ‘Oh! That’s why I always wanted to do this! I get it now!’.

From Brand Stories comes consistency and legitimacy. It helps people trust and like you. People like brands they can understand and connect with. Remember that.

SO, TELL US: What’s your brand story?