Why You Should Care About Your Brand Values.

When it comes to your brand, in order to create a genuine connection with your ‘people’, it needs to be clear what you stand for - in other words, you need to know what your ‘brand values’ are.

Your brand values act as the ‘true north’ for your business, and every single decision you make in the course of business should be aligned with these values.

Your values are what you believe in as a business - and therefore, should reflect what you believe in as an individual (you are not separate from your business, after all). Think about what you value in your life - is it great customer service, people before profits or freedom to choose how you spend your time?

Whatever it is, it’s crucial that you not only define your values, but ensure they are embedded within your business and communicated to your audience. Your prospects, customers, partners and teams should not only know and understand your values, but be aligned with them, too. It’s that alignment that helps people ‘know, like and trust’ you, so there’s even a financial incentive to get clear on your values and run your business accordingly.

Owning your values is also the key to getting the most out of your people. Think about it, we all want to work with people who are ‘like us’, who ‘get us’ and believe the same things we do, right? A bunch of people working together who think similarly and believe in the same things can be an unstoppable force.

On the flipside, working with people who are not aligned with your values can be dangerous and sometimes even catastrophic to your business.

Here’s some tips for defining and embedding your brand values:

  1. Stick to a maximum of 5 values: any more than that and they’re too hard to monitor and maintain. In this case, small and simple is powerful.

  2. Communicate your values: ensure that everyone who comes into contact with your business has access to information about your values and knows how they should be implemented.

  3. Choose your values wisely: A company that goes against its own values is looked upon very unfavourably by staff, customers, partners and sometimes, the wider community in general. You need to make sure you have chosen values you can stand behind over the long-term or you might be heading for a PR nightmare.

  4. Use your values: brand values are no use to you if you jot them down somewhere and then never think about them again. Every decision you make should be measured against your values with some critical thinking. Ask yourself ‘is this in alignment with my brand values?’ If the answer is ‘no’, then reconsider your approach.

  5. Think about what you don’t want: oftentimes, our strongest values are born from negative experiences. Whether it’s bad customer service, a bad boss or manager, or a bad experience. Our highest values are often the result of a painful past experience we’ve had. Think about any experiences you’ve had in the past that created a strong memory for you around what you ‘don’t want’. These are often where your ‘hidden values’ lie.

If you want help figuring out your brand values, book in for a Brand Discovery Workshop with us.