Our New Eco-Beauty Brand Obsession: Nina Bailey


It’s no secret that we adore brands that are not only good for people, but good for the planet, too. That’s why we love Nina Bailey, a Perth-based eco-beauty brand run by mother-daughter duo Taylor and Tandra. Nina Bailey boasts a beautiful range of luxurious, environmentally friendly products that are totally chemical-free and absolutely beautiful to use.

We chatted with Taylor and Tandra earlier this week to find out more about the Nina Bailey brand, the inspiration behind their beautiful products and how the brand-building journey has treated them so far…

Hi Taylor & Tandra. Thanks for chatting with us today.

Could you tell us about the Nina Bailey brand. Why did you start?


We first started as “Vintage Beauties Collection” selling candles in Mason Jars going for that vintage look. We later wanted to create a more luxurious line and decided to change the name as we didnt feel it suited us (thank God we did) We wanted our name to mean something to us so we named our business Nina Bailey after our two very much loved Pugaliers.

We went on to add to our range and released a bath & body range using only premium natural ingredients. Rule is if we wouldn’t put it on our skin we would never sell it. We have always had a passion for natural therapies and natural ingredients, thoroughly enjoying researching the benefits and the difference we can make.

You’re a mother-daughter duo. How do you find mixing family business so far? Who’s the boss here? ;)

We have always been close  and although we disagree on some things, we have a similar vision. We both have different things to offer to the business and I think this has been the secret ingredient. But if we are talking who’s the Boss, well we are both pretty strong forces when we need to be ;) We love working together and have learnt so much along the way, it really has been an enriching journey.

Your products are beautiful. They look great, smell amazing and feel so luxurious to wear. What‘s the inspiration behind them?

Thank you so much! We pride ourselves on beautiful luxurious products. They not only have to look good, they have to smell amazing and using premium ingredients that meet the purpose of use. Taylor is our creative designer and has an amazing eye for detail.

What’s the big deal with natural products? How important is it that what we put on our skin is chemical free?

Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs chemicals. Although our bodies are designed to rid itself of toxins from it, a build up of toxins puts pressure on our bodies and can lead to disease. With some ingredients on the market that are known carcinogens, you would be crazy to put them on your body. I think it is a duty of care that we create products that are good for our customers.

Consumers seem to be moving away from chemical laden products en masse. Do you think people’s attitude toward what they put on their skin and into their bodies is changing?

Yes there has definitely been a lot of progress, there is still a long way to go with changing attitudes.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far in building your brand?

There is always lots of challenges building a brand, we can’t really pinpoint one. Challenges are good though, they force you to learn.    

How has your brand grown or evolved since you started?

It’s most definitely grown and evolved, and we are so proud of how far we have come. We have learnt so much and are continuing to learn. It has taken a lot of hard work but we wouldn’t change a thing as its been paramount to our growth.

What’s next for Nina Bailey?

So much more to come. We are currently expanding our Bath & Body range , launching in July. Visit @NBSKIN to find out more!


Thank you Tandra + Taylor, we love your brand!