Demystifying Digital Marketing with Nevenka Moulakas

Image courtesy of Nevenka Moulakas.

Image courtesy of Nevenka Moulakas.

Is the whole digital marketing thing really as scary as it seems? Where should businesses be focusing their time, energy and efforts on when it comes to (the beast that is) digital marketing?!

Here at Wildbrand, we love chatting with standout peeps who are making waves in the marketing space. So, it’s with great pleasure that we bring you the amazing Nevenka Moulakas, to rid you of your digital marketing woes.

With a wealth of knowledge in the marketing space, Nevenka is a digital marketing expert who brings an honest and simple approach to connecting businesses with their customers. She works closely with her clients, helping them to better understand that marketing is truly simple if you remember that your customers are the star of the show.

In this interview, Nevenka speaks openly and passionately about her marketing career, what it’s like to be her own boss, why digital marketing isn’t as scary as it seems, what businesses should be focusing on when it comes to digital marketing and her thoughts on the latest and most exciting trends.

Nevenka… Welcome! Could you tell us a little about you?

Hi! I'm Nevenka, but everyone who gets to know me calls me Nev. I'm a digital marketer, qualified yoga teacher, best wife ever, big sister, loyal friend, loving daughter, a good cook and a bit of a nerd! I currently live in Melbourne and recently bit the bullet and got my Victorian driver's licence (which makes things official, right?) I am also partial to soapy TV—I'm working my way through Nashville on Stan at the moment!

It’s so great to chat with you Nev! Tell us about your career background and what led you to where you are now? 

I started my marketing career in music, creating and managing marketing strategies for albums by artists including Sia and Adele. I then worked in the arts, publishing, and start-ups. My last job in Sydney was working for Transport for NSW and rolling out marketing campaigns to over 7 million customers.

After, I moved to Auckland, then here to Melbourne for my husband's work. It was while I was first looking for a job here, that two freelance opportunities came up in quick succession. I listened to the universe and ran down the girl boss path instead. So here I am!

I'm grateful for my 12 years’ experience across different industries as it's shown me that no matter what you're marketing, you need to be customer-focused – which is the number one thing I bring to my own biz, and what I always tell my clients.

And the universe said, let there be a talented Digital Marketing Consultant!

What are you doing these days and who do you help?  

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant who helps businesses to connect with their customers, increase their sales and achieve their goals. My aim is to make my clients feel confident, stop second-guessing themselves, and get real results for their business!

That’s amazing! So, when it comes to digital marketing, are there certain things small business owners should be focusing their time, effort and energy on?  

This is a great question! The first and most important thing is being super clear on who your customer is. Taking the time to understand exactly who this person is, what they want and how your product/service answers their questions and solves their problems is key. By knowing your customer, you can then work out exactly where you should focus your time and energy (and money!).

For example, if your customer is on Instagram then, by all means, create beautiful content and spend time engaging there. However, if they need a lot of detailed information before deciding to buy your product then maybe spending time writing a FAQ page or creating a demonstration video is the way to go.

What you concentrate on depends on your customers.

Digital marketing is one of those things that confuses a lot of peopleis it really as hard as it seems? 

It can seem confusing as there are so many aspects to digital marketing, like social media posts, emails, website, SEO, social media advertising, Google advertising, blogs, videos—the list can go on and on! But like I said if you're clear on who your customer is, then your digital marketing actually becomes easier. You can cut out all the stuff that isn't relevant and focus on the stuff that is. KISS applies here—keep it simple, sister!

What do you think is 'next' when it comes to digital marketing? Are there any trends you've noticed or any insights you want to share with us?

There are two trends that I think are important:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Specifically, how we use chatbots to automate customer service so we can concentrate on more important tasks. AI tech is getting so advanced that you sometimes don't realise you're chatting to a bot! They seem so real. Imagine using that service in your own business—automating replies to emails or social media posts, so you can do the juicier stuff. I'm excited to see where this goes!

2. Personalisation

We live in a time where we all 'get' that we need to connect with our customers and are all having these meaningful conversations with them. As a result, your marketing (from emails to advertising to content) will need to be more personalised, so it stands out. It enhances the relationship and is an enjoyable experience. I for one LOVE getting a recommendation list from a brand based on what I've been looking for. It saves me time searching, makes me happy and increases the chance of making a purchase.

How is being a #girlboss treating you so far? Have there been any unexpected surprises?

Being my own boss has been as fun as it has been difficult. It is definitely a rollercoaster! I enjoy having autonomy, but I also miss bouncing ideas off others every now and again. And I love working my own hours but also find some days a struggle to knuckle down. As for unexpected surprises, everyone thinks that being a #girlboss means you're free to do whatever, whenever, when in actual fact I find the line between work and leisure is quite blurred. It's more difficult to fully switch off.

What have you found the hardest about running your own business? 

I think most business owners would say that the hardest thing about running your own biz is not having a consistent paycheck. It has been a big shift for me, especially after working in big corporate jobs for over a decade!

How can our followers contact you to get some help with their digital marketing?

That's easy! You can find me at or on Instagram @nevenkamoulakas

Sending a huge thank you to Nevenka for chatting with us about all things digital marketing! We hope you got to take away some golden nuggets to apply in your own businesses. If you loved the read, make sure you pop a comment down below and share it with your networks.