Corner Surf Shop.

Online Store


When Corner Surf Shop approached us to build a brand new e-commerce website we nearly fell off our chair with excitement.

Corner Surf had just rebranded and were ready to up their online game and open up their store to an international market.

Built in Shopify, we employed a sleek, minimal aesthetic, allowing brands and products to be the focal point - after all, we want people to buy! 

With such strong branding, it was easy to create a really compelling visual identity for the store and carry this seamlessly across the website.

The brand still has a nod to that old-school nostalgia that takes us back 25 years or so to our earliest memory of shopping in the store... Sometimes, keeping elements of the original brand pays homage to where the business has come from and what its customers have come to know and love. 

Corner Surf is now open for business all over the globe, and with a solid number of sales coming through already, we know this one's going to be a massive hit.  

Check it out for yourself, just don't come crying to us when you've maxed out the credit card!