Flash Mop.

Brand Discovery + Brand Strategy


Riding the wave of social enterprise made popular by the likes of Uber and Airbnb, the FlashMop app connects cleaners looking for work, and households looking for a good clean at a competitive, flat-rate fee.

Not only does FlashMop provide insane value to households, it provides a business opportunity for cleaners to grow their income and work on their own terms.

The best part is, the more app users that sign up, the more business opportunities created for the cleaners. 

Founded by powerhouse Megan Harrison, the business is product of a perfectly-seized opportunity, executed with a level of finesse and attention-to-detail that means everyone who comes into contact with the business has not only been carefully considered, but cared about in the planning process.  

Megan created FlashMop at a time when she felt she had reached a turning point in her life and career.

In October 2017, Megan found out she was pregnant, and having worked in the mining industry for so long, became anxious that she’d reached the 'glass ceiling'. It was from this turning point, that the Flash Mop movement was born.

Megan’s impending due date meant there was a small window of time to execute – and in just 6 short months, Megan had written and executed her business plan in full. No detail was overlooked, down to the training that all new cleaners would receive as part of their induction process.

Megan is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and take charge of their careers.  

FlashMop is the start of something big, and under Megan’s direction, will give people on both sides of the commercial equation an opportunity to live and work differently.

Check ‘em out here: www.flashmop.com.au