5-Point Brand Audit

5-Point Brand Audit


A personalised brand audit by Wildbrand is a powerful way to unearth your brand personality and uncover strengths and weaknesses quickly.

When you purchase a Brand Audit with us, our team set about reviewing all your customer-facing 'touchpoints' simultaneously.

We analyse how each touchpoint represents your brand individually and collectively, and how each area could be improved with a practical, actionable strategies.

This audit provides a quick 'snapshot' of the top 5 key areas of your brand:

  1. Social media presence,

  2. Website presence,

  3. Communications,

  4. Visuals , &

  5. Marketing collateral

We provide you with robust and highly personalised solutions and recommendations for growth and improvement in each section.

Audits help you spot strengths and opportunities, as well as inconsistencies and errors we tend to miss as business owners because we're often 'too close' to our brand to see it objectively (the way other people do).

We approach our audits with nothing but love; they're designed to help you find the 'hidden gold' in your brand and to make tweaks and adjustments in other areas. Our #1 goal is honesty, and to provide you with some great insight to help you build a standout brand.

Please note: Our recommendations are based on 10 + years working in the marketing industry - but it is entirely up to you if and how you apply these insights to your business, and what outcomes you achieve.

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What our customers have to say:

"Thank you so much for sending me such a detailed and interesting Brand Audit. I have never had one before and I have to say I didn’t expect that much constructive and valuable advice. Thank you!”